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On Sale Now: Seven Little Secrets

A young adult novel by K.L. Gore.

"K.L. Gore’s writing is a breath of fresh air, full of excitement and promise, daring you to turn page after page until you’ve lost track of everything except the thrill of a good read!”

- David Sakmyster, author of Blindspots and The Pharos Objective

"K.L. Gore is a master story teller, whose images and characters will haul you to a place you won't want to leave, and won't soon forget."

-Lisa Ann Scott, author of School of Charm and Back on the Map



Seven popular high school cheerleaders. Seven distinctive lives. Seven little secrets. And the truth that haunts them all.

The Janes have everything: beauty, brains, a secure future. So why did co-captain Natalie Greene trade her perfect life for eternal sleep? Her teammates hold pieces of the puzzle, but putting the parts together means revealing defects and vulnerabilities.

And when you're a Jane, you're flawless.

An afternoon of mourning turns into a day of disclosures. A day that challenges the teammates to discover the true meaning of friendship.

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