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Save Me A Song



It’s the 1960s, and in this small Baptist town where Gospel is the only acceptable music and gossip leaks from mouths like water from rusted pipes, no family wants to be the town's Big Disgrace.


When Tabitha's older brother arrives home from college, he brings a friend to stay with them. Not only is Brandy one more mouth to feed, she's a little wild, much too outspoken, and will soon give birth to a "bastard baby," an unforgivable sin.


Although the pregnancy is a dark, shameful secret, Brandy is a spark that ignites Tabitha’s life and sets the town on fire, even as it opens up a heavy rain cloud of secrets that threatens to drown their family.

"K.L. Gore’s writing is a breath of fresh air, full of excitement and promise, daring you to turn page after page until you’ve lost track of everything except the thrill of a good read!”
- David Sakmyster, author of Blindspots and The Pharos Objective
"K.L. Gore is a master story teller, whose images and characters will haul you to a place you won't want to leave, and won't soon forget."
-Lisa Ann Scott, author of School of Charm and Back on the Map


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