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K.L. Gore has been penning stories since she learned how to write, although her spelling was atrocious. Since then, not only has spellcheck been her buddy, she’s spent countless years perfecting how to craft a story.

Reading has always been her passion, and Watership Down is hands-down her favorite novel of all time. In fact, every few years she binge-reads about her favorite bunnies. But after she picked up a Christopher Pike novel as a teen, she realized there was more to life than anthropomorphic rabbits. Kids could be creepy. Even deadly. From that day on, she composed hundreds of short stories and a handful of young adult novels which will never see the light of day, thank goodness, because they were all practice for the books that later garnered her a literary agent and many close calls with some of the largest highly-regarded publishing houses.

Knucklebone won first place in two competitions: one given by author Cynthea Liu and literary agent Jennifer Jaeger, the other through the Write On Con/Reading Room 2012 Aspiring Writer’s Competition. Her short story, “Hamsters, Vietnam War, and Me,” appeared in Cicada, a national young adult literary magazine. Her play, Something Blue, was performed onstage at SUNY Brockport and she’s performed her own puppet shows for young viewers. In other words, K.L.’s diligence and hard work has paid off.


And guess what? Her spelling has gotten better as well.

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