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“I was eleven when the bones washed up on shore.”


When rebellious sixteen-year-old Cheyenne is sent to live with black sheep Aunt Fran, she becomes trapped in a secluded society filled with crazy criminals, haunting secrets, and deliberate traitors.


At least she has her aunt. Because families always stick together.




As Aunt Fran’s childhood stories piece together a revenge-speckled past with Cheyenne’s mother, she learns people aren’t always who they appear to be.


Sometimes “family” is just a label. And freedom always has a cost.

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Save Me A Song



It’s the 1960s, and in this small Baptist town where Gospel is the only acceptable music and gossip leaks from mouths like water from rusted pipes, no family wants to be the town's Big Disgrace.


When Tabitha's older brother arrives home from college, he brings a friend to stay with them. Not only is Brandy one more mouth to feed, she's a little wild, much too outspoken, and will soon give birth to a "bastard baby," an unforgivable sin.


Although the pregnancy is a dark, shameful secret, Brandy is a spark that ignites Tabitha’s life and sets the town on fire, even as it opens up a heavy rain cloud of secrets that threatens to drown their family.

Seven Little Secrets


Seven popular high school cheerleaders. Seven distinctive lives. Seven little secrets. And the truth that haunts them all.

The Janes have everything: beauty, brains, a secure future. So why did co-captain Natalie Greene trade her perfect life for eternal sleep? Her teammates hold pieces of the puzzle, but putting the parts together means revealing defects and vulnerabilities.


And when you're a Jane, you're flawless.


An afternoon of mourning turns into a day of disclosures. A day that challenges the teammates to discover the true meaning of friendship.

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My Father's Ghost

Sixteen-year-old Jessie receives a letter from her father. The problem is...he died before she was born. So is this a letter sent from the grave, or is her father alive and trying to get in contact with her?

Coming Soon:
Hoops Trilogy
Roll of the Die
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